Summary deadline

18 May, 2009

The authors are to prepare the summary (1 page in TXT or MSWord format) and submit them with all information about authors' affilations, desired section and mode of presentation by filling the forms which will be presented at Website of Conference ( Selection of the presentations will be done by International program committee. Selected presentations will be published in the Conference Digests before the Conference beginning.



Please submit a Summary up to 1 pages containing sufficient technical information. The document should be provided both in .doc and .pdf files at the following address:


On the additional page attached to the Summary please indicate the type of contribution which is preferred:

Type 1: Oral or Poster


Type 2: Poster only

Choosing the first option will indicate that your contribution will be considered first as an Oral one but that it can be decided to affect it as a Poster depending on the quality of the submission and the number of contributions already submitted in the considered area.


Guidelines for submission of summary:

  • All text, including footnotes and author information, and illustrations must appear on one side of white A4 paper with 25 mm margins on top and bottom and 20 mm margins on right and left.
  • Use Times New Roman font for all text.
  • Single-space all text in two columns (column width 8 cm, separation 1 cm). The proper fonts (Times New Roman) for various elements are:
  1. Article title is 12 pt bold and centered,
  2. Author names, affiliations, email of corresponding author are 10 pt and centered,
  3. Body text is 10 pt,
  4. Figure captions are 10 pt,
  5. Type reference citations within the text as superscripts,
  6. References are 10 pt and should be presented as follows:
    S. G. Luushikov, J.-H. Ko, and S. Kojima, Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, 4798 (2004)